DDNMRC – PET Scan Centers In Kerala

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Description: DDNMRC – The best nuclear medicine therapy and PET scan centers in Kerala. It offers PET/CT scanner, SPECT/CT Gamma camera, pain palliation therapy services near Trivandrum Medical College & RCC. DDNMRC has an excellent & well-experienced management team. The best radiology laboratory services, nuclear medicine & radiation therapy centre in Kerala. They offer effective cancer diagnosis methods for patients.


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DDNMRC – Nuclear Medicine Imaging Center In Trivandrum

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Description: DDNMRC is a nuclear medicine imaging center in Kerala near Medical College Trivandrum which provides best nuclear medicine cancer treatment. Offers screening test for bone cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, etc. DDNMRC delivers radionuclide therapy for cancer, thyroid, etc. Offers the most advanced range of diagnostic laboratory services and nuclear imaging solutions.


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Dr. Boben Thomas – One of the Best Cancer Specialist In Trivandrum

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Description: The cancer specialist doctor in Kerala dr. Boben Thomas is the well known cancer treatment specialist with excellent experience in the field of Oncology. He is also provides treatment for Hemato Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, Stem Therapy.


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DDRC SRL Diagnostic Services - Medical Testing Laboratory

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Description: DDRC SRL Diagnostic services - Best pathology laboratory services and medical scanning llab in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. This trusted diagnosis laboratory /pathology clinic ooffers radiology, microbiology, imaging and genomic services.


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