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Description: When looking for a Security Company in London that has SIA licensed and vetted security guards, we are the name to rely on. With extensive experience, our professionals are qualified and fully insured to ensure your safety. Whether you need a security guard or a surveillance system for your home or business, we can cater to all your security needs. We understand that the security industry is very dynamic. We ensure that we are developed according to the latest technology. We try our best to provide you with security solutions for all types of residential and commercial sites. Our wide range of security services ensures that all your security needs are met.


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Description: Are you looking for viable options to secure your premises? While guards and security personnel might provide a more hands-on approach, only so much the human eye can encompass. By opting for CCTV installation in London by us, you will be able to effectively monitor your property activities. Not to forget, CCTV cameras are a huge deterrent to criminals intending to carry out illegal activities or trespassing on your property. Having been in the security industry for a significant amount of time, Urban Security Guards is one of the top service providers for all and any security needs that you might have. We have effectively secured numerous properties to perfection as our entire team consists of highly trained and SIA licensed. An SIA license is obtained after extensive training for manned and physical security along with CCTV surveillance as well.


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Description: Whether you are a letting agent, corporate company or a resident living in London, keeping a spare set of keys in a safe location is important. This is necessary because, in emergencies like losing your original keys or forgetting them in another city while travelling, an extra set can come handy. If you are looking for a trusted key holder to provide you with key holding services in London, Urban Security Guards has got you covered.


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Event Security in London - URBAN SECURITY GUARDS

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Description: Whether you are hosting a private event or a concert, we have solutions to all of your security needs. We take time to listen to your requirements and come up with a suitable plan to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch. Our consultants are experienced, and they can design a security service within your budget limits without compromising on the quality of service we provide.


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CCTV For Construction Site - Construction Site CCTV - URBAN SECURITY GUARDS

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Description: Keep your construction site safe with our CCTV services in London We Keep Your Property Safe with our Construction Security in London The team of experts we have on-board at Urban Security Guards has extensive experience to protect our clients’ assets at any construction site. In short, with the industry’s best practices, we provide a foolproof system for construction security in London. As we all know that after regular working hours, most of the construction sites remain deserted. Thus expensive machines, tools, and building materials are often left unguarded until the next working day. Thieves and vandals can easily target construction sites at these hours. As a result, the site owners or constructors can face substantial financial losses. When building materials and tools are stolen, projects are delayed as long as the stolen equipment is not recovered or replaced. Such delays and unexpected expenses can cause potential damage to the profit margins.


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