Plant-Based Meat Opens up Mouth-Watering Opportunities for Manufacturers

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Description: Plant-based meat and product are considered as meat substitute imitate the properties found within natural meats.


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Feed Additives Industry Landscape

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Description: feed additives are defined as the products which are used widely in animal nutrition.


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Biophotonics Market Size, Share & Industry Trends - Forecasts till 2024

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Description: The Global Biophotonics Market is projected to reach US$72.267 billion by 2023, from US$46.036 billion in 2018 growing at a CAGR of 9.44% over the forecast period.


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Baby Food Industry Landscape

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Description: Baby food is defined as any soft, easily consumed food, other than breastmilk, that is made specifically for infants and toddlers roughly between the ages of 2-6 months to 4 years.


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Green Cement Technology: Current Scenario and Future Prospects

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Description: Green Cement is defined as a cementitious material that either exceeds or meets the functional performance capabilities of an ordinary Portland cement (OPC) by incorporating recycled materials, thus reducing carbon dioxide emission emitted during cement production.


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